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About The Event

Hosted by Bank Negara Malaysia, MyFintech Week (MyFW) brings together industry movers and shakers in the fields of finance and technology for meaningful exchanges to shape the future of financial services.

The event aims to promote growth and diversity in the fintech ecosystem, spur digital transformation of financial institutions, drive responsible innovation in fintech, and elevate public acceptance of fintech.

MyFintech Week ’19 will be held in conjunction with Malaysia Tech Week 2019 organised by MDEC.

Why attend

  • 01

    Immerse in specialised breakout sessions developed for diverse interests, including banks, insurers, fintechs and regulators

  • 02

    Experience some of the most innovative solutions on offer in the finance world

  • 03

    Participate in exclusive masterclasses by leading experts, tailored for digital leaders

  • 04

    Network with the who’s who in domestic and global fintech


MyFintech Week 2019


Time Auditorium Conference Hall 2 Conference Hall 1 Innovation Lab Forum
0900 – 0930

Opening Ceremony

Livestream of

0935 – 1035 Track 1:

Financing For The Future

1100 – 1120

Keynote Address

1125 – 1240

Fireside Chat

1345 – 1400 Track 2:

Regulations 2.0*

1400 – 1420 Keynote Tech Talk:

Can Technology Deliver (Enough)?

1420 – 1515 Feature Panel:

Digital is King

1515 – 1535
1535 – 1540 Track 3:

Culture and Ethics*

1600 – 1605

Guided Tour at Innovation Lab

1605 – 1710

Official Exhibition Tour, Speed Pitching and Smart Networking

Fintech Summit*

1710 – 1800
Time Auditorium Conference Hall 2 MAG Theatrette Forum
0900 – 0910 Welcoming Address

Livestream of

0910 – 0940 Opening Remarks:

The Promise of Fintech for ASEAN

0940 – 1010 Keynote Tech Talk:

Digital Finance Decoded: Driving Adoption

1010 – 1030 Cyber Tech Talk:

Cyberproof Yourself
(presented jointly with FIDE FORUM)

1050 – 1130 Banking Series:

Digital Bank: Rise of the Challenger

Insurtech Series:

Digitalising Claims Management

Regulator Series*:

Deep Dive: Advancing Digital Financial Inclusion in ASEAN

1130 – 1150 Regulators Series*:

Regulatory And Supervisory Framework for A Digital Future

1150 – 1250 Banking Series:

API & Open Banking: A New World Order?

Insurtech Series:

Telematics: Scoring The Invisible

1405 – 1505 Digital Economy Series:

Powering The Gig Economy

Payment Series:

Borderless Tech: The Promise of Cross Border Payments

Digital Leader Series:

Cybersecurity: Unseen Threats
(presented jointly with FIDE FORUM)

1505 – 1605 Digital Economy Series:

Up In The Clouds: Clear Skies or Likely Storms?

Payment Series:

Riding The Cashless Wave

1615 – 1630 Digital Leader Series*:

Digital Transformation

1630 – 1715 Digital Economy Series:

Catalysing E-commerce And Digital Entrepreneurship

Tech Tour:

eKYC: Changing The Face of Onboarding

1715 – 1720 Tech Tour:

DLT: Moving Beyond POC

Tech Tour:

Thinking Inside the Sandbox

1720 – 1800 Digital Economy Series:

Taxation for the Digital Economy

1800 – 1815
Time Auditorium Conference Hall 2 MAG Theatrette Forum
0900 – 0905 Special Address:

Catalysing Malaysia's Digital Economy

Livestream of

0905 – 0920 Islamic Finance Masterclass:

Blockchain and Smart Contract Application on Shariah Compliance

0920 – 0940 Keynote Tech Talk:

A World of Legacy and Disruption

0940 – 1000 Cyber Tech Talk:

AI is The Future

1000 – 1030
1030 – 1045

Accelerator Demo Day: B40 Challenge by UNCDF

Startup Series:

A Tale of Two: Partnerships Between Fintechs And Financial Institutions

1045 – 1130 Islamic Finance Masterclass

Application of Big Data Analytics in Islamic Finance

1130 – 1230 Startup Series:

Funding the Fintech Wave

Investor Series:

P2P Demo
(presented jointly with Securities Commission Malaysia)

1230 – 1330

Regulator Lunch Chat

1400 – 1405 Financial Inclusion Series:

Reimagining Financial Inclusion

1405 – 1505

Accelerator Demo Day: Alpha Startups by 1337 Ventures

Investor Series

Digital Investment Management Demo
(presented jointly with Securities Commission Malaysia)

Digital Leader Series

API Forum

1505 – 1605 Financial Inclusion Series:

Fintech: A Promise Towards Gender Equality?
(presented jointly with AFI)

Investor Series:

ECF Investor Day
(presented jointly with Securities Commission Malaysia)

1630 – 1710 Islamic Finance Series:

Digitalisation of Islamic Finance

Cybersecurity Series:

Crime and Technology: Exploring the Darker Side of Disruption

1710 – 1730 Cybersecurity Series:

Insuring The Cyber Space

1730 – 1750 Islamic Finance Series:

Enabling Value-Based Intermediation Through Fintech

1750 – 1800 Cybersecurity Series:

Beyond the Firewalls And Blacklist: Reimagining Cyber Security

1800 – 1830
Time Event
0900 – 1600

Malaysia Tech Week 2019

Day 4: 20 June 2019, Thursday – View Agenda

Day 5: 21 June 2019, Friday – View Agenda

* This is a pre-registered closed-door event

* Programme is subject to change

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Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus

Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus

Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner

Tobias Adrian

Tobias Adrian

Surina Shukri

Surina Shukri

Jim Lai

Jim Lai

Henry Ma

Henry Ma

Neal Cross

Neal Cross

Douglas Feagin

Douglas Feagin

Norbert Mumba

Norbert Mumba

Jamie Woodruff

Jamie Woodruff

Mohd Daud Bakar

Mohd Daud Bakar

Abdul Farid Alias

Abdul Farid Alias

Tengku Zafrul Aziz

Tengku Zafrul Aziz

Genevieve Leveille

Genevieve Leveille

Khairil Abdullah

Khairil Abdullah

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